See What You’re Missing… What Doctor’s Are Saying About CBCT

See What You’re Missing… What Doctor’s Are Saying About CBCT

One of the most gratifying parts of my job as a Patterson equipment specialist is meeting up with a doctor after they’ve purchased a CBCT cone beam scanner for their practice. Their passion for dentistry is sparked by the high level of diagnostics and the improved treatment options the 3D imaging enables them to provide their patients.

What Doctor’s Are Saying About CBCT

Dr Nitish Nahata added 3D cone beam when built his state of the art facility, Tewksbury Dental Associates, in 2016 in Tewksbury MA. He installed Sirona Orthophos SL in his office and never looked back. Recently Dr. Nahata told me, “Bill, the two most important pieces of equipment in my practice are my camera and my cone beam.” His associate, Dr. Zack Goldman, added, “For diagnosing pathology, endodontic procedures, and implant treatment planning our capabilities are now next level, if we can see it we can treat it, and we see everything now!”

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What ARE You Missing?

In an article entitled “Contemporary Endodontic Technology: Cone Beam Imaging in Treatment Planning,” published in January, 2014 in the AAE (American Academy of Endodontics) journal The Communique, Dr. Mohamed I. Fayad, D.D.S, M.S., Ph.D., reports that “CBCT identified an additional 62% of roots with periapical lesions and demonstrated higher accuracy” than traditional 2D x-rays. Side by side comparisons of 2D vs 3D often graphically demonstrate pathology that simply cannot be detected in the traditional 2D x-ray.

Another study in the same article concluded that, “34% of the radiolucencies detected with CBCT were missed with periapical radiography in maxillary premolars and molars. It was concluded that the detection of apical periodontitis was considerably higher with CBCT than with periapical radiography. Thus, CBCT was found to be a more sensitive diagnostic method to identify apical periodontitis.”


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Seeing IS Believing

So if you are looking to elevate your practice to that next level consider attending the upcoming 3D Summit on Digital Dentistry with the only live-patient, hands-on, dental education seminar fully dedicated to the clinical integration of 3D Cone Beam imaging, CAD/CAM and single visit dentistry and medical billing for dental offices. This event is presented by Sirona and is taking place October 27-28 in Boston. You can register here and I look forward to seeing you there!

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