Part II: The Three Biggest Mistakes Doctors Make When They Want to Grow

Part II: The Three Biggest Mistakes Doctors Make When They Want to Grow

Mistake #2 Thinking You Can Do It ALL Yourself

Remember the very first dental procedure you ever did? The first time you do anything you actually learn a great deal from the mistakes you make. My role in the process of planning and executing growth for your practice is to eliminate the “learning curve” for your growth plan. I can save you money, headache, and false starts. Your years of experience, trial and error, and practice have made you the expert practitioner that you are today. You can now quickly plan complex treatment and build a team of experts or specialists when necessary that supplement and enhance more complex cases to achieve the very best outcome for your patients. I provide the same kind of expertise in dental business growth facilitation as well as a broad range of experts and specialists to customize the best plan for you which completely eliminates the need for you to learn from bad experiences.

Underestimating the complexity of a dental office project, the need for this winning strategy, and the customized planning that will achieve the outcome you are seeking, is the second huge mistake I see doctors make. It is so critically important to enlist an expert project manager and a partner who can, reliably and efficiently, combine all the factors you’ll need to optimize success. I carefully select a team of experts that I have worked with and vetted over the years in every area of the project from real estate, lease experts, financing, architect, designer, contractor, and our own technical experts from Patterson to collaborate with you on your particular project.

Many doctors think they can easily compile a team by asking a buddy who does real estate, or a friend who is a contractor, or the guy Dr. Smith used for his reception area remodel. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the people they find on their own have zero experience with the unique nature of a dental practice as a business. Just as you carefully orchestrate a complex treatment plan for a patient with a team of specialists and assistants to get the best outcome, the same care and consideration should be applied to the compilation of “specialists” who will treatment plan for the growth of your practice.

Don’t make these common mistakes! If you are looking to start, looking to grow, or have reached a plateau in your business I can meet you wherever you are at in the process and work with you to plan for your goals. Take a look at some of my featured projects and read testimonials from doctors about their success stories. You can also fill out Getting Started forms on my website. Let’s meet to discuss ways we can work together to plan and build the successful modern dental practice of your dreams.

Stayed tuned for Mistake # 3 Not Building and Planning Large Enough to Accommodate Growth Potential in my next blog!

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