Every practice has a story.

In 25 years and with over 600 successful projects, we have forged solid, long-term relationships with our clients. We listen to each client and consider their unique needs and goals while helping them plan for the future of their practice, and we are equipped to assist you every step of the way.

Hear directly from a few of Bill’s clients in this short introductory video:

Dr. Sarita Malhotra

Modern Smiles Dental Care

Bill has been invaluable for us to build out our dental practice, his advice and guidance helped us in every aspect of the build out. He doesn’t think in terms of sales but rather in terms of building a business. He is a great listener and understood our needs and proposed great solutions. Thank you.

– Dr. Sarita Malhotra, Burlington, MA

Drs. Helyne and Stephen Hamelburg

Paradise Dental Associates

Working with Bill, Mary Ellen and the entire Patterson team made our dream office a reality. Part of the reason we chose to undertake our relocation and expansion centered on our trust and confidence in Bill. Having worked with Bill for over 20 years we went into our third office project with him with very few concerns. We were right!! Everything went smoothly. The professionals Bill recommended we all amazing, talented and on time.

From the decorator to the contractor, the project was not only seamless but actually fun. Six months of planning, tweaking and executing resulted in our relocation from a 1800 square foot, four operatory office to our current 5200 square foot, twelve operatory masterpiece.

Bill and Mary Ellen made all the little issues go away and all the big issues turned into little ones. We finished on time and under budget!!!! If you are considering new equipment, a renovation or a move the most important decision is who you choose to work with. Bill Pellicano, Mary Ellen Banks and the entire Patterson dental team are the right people And you will not be disappointed, you will be as thrilled as we are.

– Stephen and Helyne Hamelburg, Salem, MA

Dr. Carolyn Lucey

Stow Orthodontics

Dear Bill,

Thank you for all you have done to make my orthodontic practice a reality. Dr. Jason Boch recommended me to you, and at the time he told me you are in such high demand that you may not be able to work with me. Your knowledge and expertise are highly sought after, and I have to say, I was thrilled when you accepted me as a client.

When I first met you, I was so impressed by how professional and knowledgeable you were. You gave me the information I needed to make an intelligent decision about the size of the practice and the location that would be best for a start-up. You recommended products that are durable, clean and professional. The whole look of the office blueprint you presented to me was state-of-the-art, from the sterilizing machine to the operatories. The layout was designed specifically for my specialty, and there were very few changes that needed to be made from the initial plan to the final layout. Having you lead me through the whole process, step by step, made a difficult and stressful situation so much easier.

The people you referred me to were all top-notch and well versed in dental practices. I felt comfortable with everybody you recommended, and truly had good experiences throughout. If there were any concerns I had, I always knew I could call you for guidance. Teaming with you made the whole project cohesive with you at the start and throughout the build-out, and with your team at the end to help me with the opening and beyond. The marketing tips you have given me have also been extremely helpful.

There were many years that I thought about starting a practice, but there were so many questions that made it seem impossible. Where do I begin? How will I make it happen? Who do I talk to? Without sounding too sappy, you made my dream a reality and I can’t thank you enough. I will recommend you whole-heartedly to anybody who is looking to start a practice. Thank you!!

Dr. Carolyn Lucey, Stow, MA

Dr. Nitish Nahata

Tewksbury Dental Associates

Bill and his team at Patterson were absolutely incredible to work with. What started out as dream became a reality with all of Bill’s knowledge and insight. We were able to develop an amazing new, highly efficient, technologically advanced practice that will allow our practice to flourish for the future. Thank you Bill.

– Dr. Nitish Nahata, Tewksbury, MA

Dr. Nooruddin Pradhan

Norwood Pediatric Dentistry

When I was planing to start my practice I choose few location and called three big time companies to get an idea and estimate, two of them told me that they will work things for me but Bill said NO, this will not work and pointed out so many faults which later made sense to me.

Second time again same thing happened the other two said yes and Bill said NO and always his reason we’re right. At this time I was bit confused thinking that either Bill is crazy or other two are.

Finally last time I had two places in mind and I just called Bill he rejected the first one and said yes to the second, I still remember that right after that we sat down in a coffee shop and he kept on asking what is your vision and kept on making notes it was about 3 hours we sat and he said we will meet in few weeks at the main office.

I was a bit nervous to see the plan but when showed me the plan I was astonished, this is what I wanted as my dream office he had everything addressed to the minute details.

Still I make fun of him that what do you eat, he is a perfectionist and has great listening skills and he knows how to deliver a perfect product.
I can keep on writing and it would never end. Thank you Bill.

– Nooruddin Pradhan, Norwood, MA

Drs. Theano and Peter Eliopoulos

Peter A. Eliopoulos, DMD

Our office is fortunate to have a team of Patterson specialists assisting us in the success of our growing practice. First and foremost is Bill Pellicano, who I have worked with since 1992. He has been instrumental in providing me with design, purchasing and financing of all our necessary dental equipment. Our technology driven office utilizes Cerec, Schick dental radiography, Sirona XG3D conebeam along with Eaglesoft. Bill has helped us along the way to implement this state of the art technology. He understands the specific needs of our office and is valuable in providing the information required to make important equipment decisions. I would not be successful today without him!

– Peter Eliopoulos, Chelmsford, MA

John Collins

Collins Dentistry for Children

We have used Bill and his team to design and build three practice locations and I cannot imagine trying to complete one of these locations without his expertise and guidance.

When I could not get the time of day from several other equipment vendors, Bill stepped up with answers to my questions, recommendations to make the design and build-out processes smoother, and suggestions to incorporate specific design features to provide maximum flexibility, expansion potential, and cost efficiencies. Bill has become an integral part of our practice in terms of equipment selection, incorporation of new technology, and practice expansion considerations.

Much of our success is due to the fact that we can concentrate on the dentistry, knowing that the equipment selection and office design are solid. When we had any issues (and we had a few very minor hiccups), Bill was there with the technicians correcting the issue almost immediately. HIs expertise became most apparent when the technicians and myself had been staring at an issue for a few hours, contemplating various solutions to no avail. Bill arrived, surveyed the situation, and suggested a fix. His years of experience are invaluable!

Bill and his team truly embrace the importance of the long term lasting relationship. I highly recommend Bill and his team.

– John Collins, Nashua, NH

Dr. Sonia Wu

Pediatric Dental Group

Bill and his team are true professionals. Bill’s ability to come up with an amazing layout and design for our office in just a short period of time is unparalleled to any other in the industry. The space was tricky and our needs were complicated, but the team delivered. Bill answered all our questions, no matter how redundant, in the upmost professional manner.

There is no other that you can obtain the same level of expertise, knowledge, work ethic, and professionalism that Bill was able to give us. Right from the start he was able to listen to our needs, could visualize how the space would best be utilized, and understood what was most important to us. We never felt pressured into making decisions we didn’t want and felt that he had our best interest in mind.

I would definitely use Bill for any other future projects and recommend him, especially if you have a difficult project.

– Sonia Wu, Reading, MA